Lube Guide


There is such  a wide range of lubes to chose from how do you know what lube is for what and which suits your needs - we've put together some simple hints and tips to get you started:

Water Based Lube

This is our most popular lube. Water based lube is gentle on your toys, clothes and sheets, it won't leave marks and is safe to use with a condom. If you're going for a marathon session though you'll find you need to re-apply this regularly and if you're having anal sex this is not the lube for you.

Silicone Based Lube

Now silicone is good to go for anal sex (and vaginal). Silicone lube is waterproof, long lasting and has s sensual oily feel. It's also safe to use with condoms but NOT your toys ..... ensure your toys slip in easily with a water based lube.

Oil / Gel Based Lubricants

This smaller range of lubricants include lubes that heat up or desensitise. they come with a range of ingredients so its recommended that you check the product instructions for safe use with condoms and toys.

Anal Lubes

Extra thick to ensure anal sex and play is comfortable and safe.

Flavoured Lube

Last but not least! Add a little extra wetness and flavour to oral sex with a fun flavoured lube.

If you're unsure about your lube and what it can be used for, always read the instructions.